If you’re anything like most freshers, within the first week of your arrival in Leeds, you’ll be tired of fish and chips, vegetable pizza and pasta dishes. Whether that means getting a takeaway or treating yourself to a meal in a restaurant, we’ve composed a list of halal places just to make your life a little easier.



Fast Foodcharcos

  • Charcos – A Nandos-lite opposite the Parkinson Building.


  • Flames – Next to Charcos. Go here if you want a greasy take-away.


  • Mahmoods – Opposite engineering buildings on Woodhouse Lane. Basically, a halal McDonald’s.

    Chicken shawarma
    Chicken Shawarma


  • Shawarma – Lebanese place opposite engineering buildings on Woodhouse Lane.


  • Fortune Cookie – A Chinese place next to Shawarma. Opens after 5pm. They have some amazing chicken wings and chips


  • Bakery 164 – Provide a healthier option with sandwiches and all the chicken is halal. Also opposite Parkinson Building.


Subway Chicken Chipotle
  • Subway (Back Blenheim Terrace, Leeds LS2 9HD) – Opposite to the Laidlaw Library, one of the rare halal branches!



  • Café Caldo/Zaater Wa Zeit – Opposite engineering buildings on Woodhouse Lane. You can find a Halal Full English Breakfast along with Arab snacks.


  • Deli Chez – Sandwiches, Toasties, Paninis, Jacket Potatoes and Pasta is the sort of thing you’ll find.


Rustica 2
  • Rustica – A delicious Italian cuisine with a cosy atmosphere, great for fun meals out with friends and loved ones


  • On Campus – Jaldi Jaldi – the Mumtaz takeout in the Union basement do great kebabs, curry and biryani.


  • On Campus – The Green Room – Not only is it a place where you can pray your Salaah, it also boasts a selection of Halal Cuisine for when cooking isn’t an option. And by cuisine we mean Burgers and Biryani (Healthier options coming soon).



Ok so now we’ve got all the basics covered, what about when you want something a bit decent? Leeds boasts a wide range of multicultural restaurants so spend some time sampling some different cuisines, for those nights when you feel like dropping the tramp look and looking half-decent once in a while. Don’t forget, these are just some of the halal ones, if you don’t mind going veggie once in a while, there’s plenty more.


C H A I N S // 

  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK):
    – The place if you want a posh burger and chips. Their panko crumbed chicken used for the burger meal is halal (note: only the chicken is halal).
    – However the grilled chicken used for salads and kebabs are cooked on the same grill as bacon and other non-halal meat
    – Please note: alcohol sold


  • Handmade Burger Co.:
    – Recently opened in Trinity Centre, some of the best homemade style burgers where the chicken is halal. If requested the halal chicken can be cooked on a seperate grill.
    – Please note: alcohol sold


  • Nandos:
    – The nearest halal branch (Kirkstall Road), You’ll find Peri-peri chicken and for the Medics, a 20% discount.
    – Please note: alcohol sold


  • Loch Fyne:
    – When you’re tired of meat come and have your fill of fish.
    – Please note: alcohol sold


  • Manjaros Restaurant:
    – Manjaros Cuisine is a fusion of African Cuisine and Caribbean Delights
    – Located on Burley Road



I N D I A N / P A K I S T A N I // 

  • Mumtaz Leeds: The Majestic Restaurant – Clarence Dock:
    – Offers an extensive fruit ‘mocktail’ menu to cool down the curry (make sure it’s not you that’s paying though).


  • Akbar’s Greek Street and Akbar’s Eastgate:
    – Both offer great Asian food
    – Please note: alcohol sold


  • Lahores – On Burley Road, offers Asian style European dishes. For when all you want is just a good hearty lasagne.


  • Akmal’s:
    – Located in Woodhouse Moor on Woodhouse Lane
    – Please note: alcohol sold


  • Zara’s:
    – Local cheap sit down restaurant/take-away with good food. Great for those spontaneous, casual meals out.
    – No alcohol



P E R S I A N // 

  • Haftsin:
    – Be brave and sample something different. The saffron rice is wonderful.
    – No alcohol


  • Safran:
    – Another authentic Persian restaurant located on Kirkgate in the City Centre.
    – No alcohol



A R A B / M E D I T E R R A N E A N // 

  • Oranaise:
    – A beautiful traditionally decorated North African restaurant with very authentic cuisine
    – No alcohol


  • La Cafétiere:
    – A very cosy, Mediterranean style café come restaurant which serves dishes suitable for absolutely any meal of the day including halal full English breakfasts.
    – No alcohol



M E X I C A N // 

  • Caliente Café:
    – Located in Headingley and serves authentic Mexican halal beef dishes.
    – Please note: alcohol sold



T H A I // 

  • Sukhothai :
    – Located in Chapel Allerton, Headingley, Harrogate and Leeds City Centre – The Leeds City Centre branch has HALAL chicken and duck, definitely recommend



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