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The main prayer space on campus is the Green Room and is located behind the Edge.


The Green Room has excellent facilities including:

  • Prayer halls for both brothers and sisters
  • Common rooms for both brothers and sisters
  • Wudhu facilities
  • A small library
  • Halal food – Halal food and snacks can be bought from the common room

Opening times are from 8am-8pm from Monday to Friday. If you have any queries or issues, such as requiring access to the disabled lift, please contact the Green Room manager (Massimo Basso –

The Green Room is located directly behind the Edge swimming pool and gym:

The Green Room (Muslim Prayer Hall, Conf. Auditorium)

Clarendon Way / Willow Terrace Road, Leeds, LS2 9DA


Originally used for actors working for West Yorkshire playhouse, in 1990 the Playhouse moved to Quarry Hill and the University allowed the Islamic Society to convert the
unused space into a small prayer room. playhouseOver time the Green Room acquired a sisters section with excellent wudhu facilities, a kitchen and a library.

As membership to the Islamic Society has increased, so has the usage of the prayer room. With over 1,000 Muslim students on campus the inevitable wear and tear of the prayer area was beginning to show. It became clear that more space would be required to accommodate Jummah prayers and Iftar’s during Ramadhan.

The Islamic Society worked in conjunction with the society’s officer John Schless and Vice Chancellor Professor Michael Arthur to secure £500,000 funding to refurbish the prayer room. Alhamdulillah, the work was completed in 2005 and now the Islamic Society has one of the best campus prayer rooms in the country!

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