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  • أهلا وسهلا
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  • Bienvenue!
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  • ようこそ
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We’re glad you could make it!

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We are extremely glad you could make it! This website is the official online representation for the Leeds University Union Islamic Society. All your questions will have answers on this site, In Sha Allah

Who are we?

The Islamic Society at Leeds University is a platform for students to gather, organise and participate in social, cultural and educational activities as well as providing a united voice in expressing views and aspirations of the Muslim student community of the University.

To get to know a little more about your Islamic Society, click below to find out about what our foundations are as well as our committee members

Welcome Freshers!

Congratulations on making it to Leeds, and our heartiest of welcomes to the University itself! We know you’ll have an absolutely fantastic experience and we sincerely hope that Islamic Society can contribute towards making University live up to the ‘Best Years of your life’ expectation! We are all anxious to meet you and will have plenty of packed events for you to get aquainted with everything ISoc, In Sha Allah!

From Freshers’ fortnight and the coveted Welcome Dinner, to opportunities to get involved as well as regular Social and Educational events, we are confident there will be something in the ISoc roster to appeal to you! The Freshers’ section of our website is chocked full of information to ensure you can live your life away from University in a fun and Halal manner! This includes a Freshers’ guide for you to refer to as you attempt to work things out as well as plenty of information on our services during and after the Freshers week period. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to reach out to us

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and explore!

New around here?

If you are new to the wonderful city of Leeds, fret not! This beautiful city has loads on offer for all.

From Masajid to Malls, food places to fun places, Leeds has it all!

Meet the Committee

The committee at LUU Islamic Society is amongst the best in the country. And they exist with just one purpose:

To ensure that people such as yourself have an outstanding experience at University. They are here to facilitate you and to make the ISOC a welcoming place to all muslims. The committee consists of multiple layers and many members. But it works!

Prayer Facilities

Alhamdulilah, we are fortunate enough to have two prayer room on campus. The main prayer space is the Green Room, located behind the Edge and adjacent to the conference auditorium. An additional space is available near the cemetery lodge entrance to campus, aptly named the Cemetery Lodge Prayer Room.

The ISOC also has a set timetable for prayers in Jama’ah throughout the day, details of which can be found on the Prayer page.

In the coming months, we will be issuing an App with push notifications for prayer times on Campus, In Sha Allah


Get Involved

So you’re sold. You want to join. What do you do?

EASY! Just click the button below and you’ll be taken to the Leeds University Union page for the Islamic Society. Please log-in and sign up to the ISOC to avail the multiple benefits membership will give you, as well as to support the work the ISOC does!

Jazakallah Khair in advance

Contact Us

For whatever reason, you may find you need to contact a member of the ISOC committee. We are active on multiple social media pages on which you are more than welcome to contact us. If you wish to get in contact with someone from the Core team, you will find their contact details on the committee page!

If all else fails, please make use of our Contact Us page and fill in the details. We aim to respond as soon as possible!



We are elated to announce the release of our newest online service: The LUU Islamic Society podcast! We have big plans for this going forward, In Sha Allah. During the break between 19/20 and 20/21 academic years, we will be releasing our recorded talks. Going forward, we wish to develop the podcast into a more polished and developed entertainment source for you all!

To learn more about the platforms we are available on, as well as our future plans, click below!