Elections 2017/18


Media, Publicity and Green Room manager are vacant positions:

Details on the positions can be found here: Committee Positions

  • Nominations Period: Monday 8th May (8am) – Friday 12th May (8pm)
  • Voting Period: Monday 15th May (8am) – Thursday 18th May (8pm)
  • Results will be announced on Friday 19th May


Details of the elected committee for 2017/18 can be found below

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We are pleased to announce the results of the incoming committee for The Islamic Society 2017/18!



Malak Mohamed: 54 votes

Mohamed Ismail: 47 votes

Head Sister 

Aishah Khan

Head Brother

Syme Bhopal: 54 votes

Saif Uddin: 42 votes

General Secretary

Amani Dosani



Abdulahad Khan: 41 votes

Aleesa Nayyar: 30 votes

Amani Dosani: 6 votes


Aneesa Hussain: 40 votes (round 3)

Awais Ul-Hassan: 36 votes (round 3)


Events Brother

Ahmed Kouta


Events Sister

Taiba Omar


Interfaith Officer

Saimah Khan



Mustaqim Ali

Sadiya Ahmed


Student Affairs

Saad Dalal


Brothers’ Sports

Anas Hatab


Sisters’ Sports

Aaliyah Khan