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Welcome Message From President 2015/2016

Asalaamu Alaikum! Congratulations on getting awesome results and getting admission into our awesome University! Mashallah! May Allah make the next few years the best years of your life insha'Allah.

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ISOC AGM - The Results (Breakdown)

Salam everybody, well wasn't the AGM exciting! Now that the AGM is over and the results are in, here is a breakdown of the voting. InshAllah next years committee moves onto bigger and better things for the next academic year.


Zayd Rehman 83



Omar Tirmizi 51

Sumera Hanif 32


General Secretary

Haneen Shubib 78

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ISoc Committee Elections 2015/2016

Below is the list of candidates for the ISoc Committee Elections and the positions people are running for. Click on the names to see the manifestos. If you have questions for any of the candidates, you can ask them by commenting below:

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Isoc Elections - Important Updates (PLEASE READ IF APPLYING)


The wait is over... Let the committee applications commence!


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Events Calendar

8 Oct

Annual Freshers Dinner 2015

18:00 - Rupert Becket LT / Dinner in The Refectory , LUU
9 Oct

"Practical Guidance in the Footsteps

18:00 - University of Leeds (TBC) , LUU

"Practical Guidance in the Footsteps

18:00 - University of Leeds (TBC) , LUU
15 Oct

"Practical Guidance in the Footsteps

18:00 - University of Leeds (TBC) , LUU

"Practical Guidance in the Footsteps

18:00 - University of Leeds (TBC) , LUU

Prayer Times

Riley Smith Hall (Term-time only)


Green Room

13.15 and 13.45

Full Prayer Times


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You don't need to become an official member of the Islamic Society to come to any of our events. They're open to everyone including non-Muslims and non-students. There are some benefits to becoming a member however:

  • You get a fresher's pack, containing a free Freshers Dinner ticket, halal sweets & Islamic literature.
  • Free Freshers Dinner ticket - which includes talks from brilliant guest speakers and comedians to kick of the night, followed by a free 3 course meal. Don't miss out on a great way to meet people on campus!
  • You also get some discount cards, which gives you discounts at several local takeaways and restaurants, for example free Charcos Loyalty Card, 10% discount to The Smoothie Company, 10% Flames & Highways/Wok Star & 10% of at Pretty Little Scarves with discount code: LSFRESHERS.

The Green Room

The Green Room is the University Islamic Society prayer room. It boasts Prayer halls for both brothers and sisters, Common rooms for both brothers and sisters, Wudhu facilities, a small library and Halal food.

The green room is open from 8.00am to 8.00pm every weekday. Outside of this, the door will be locked (including on weekends).

We ask everyone who uses the Green Room to take responsibility to clean up after themselves. We need volunteers to help us clean the prayer room thoroughly once a week – if you can spare some time to help us during the week please contact the relevant welfare officers to allocate you a time and day.

Get Map to the Green Room |  View Monthly Prayer Times Here |  Read about the Green Room's History